DHI Technique

What is the DHI Technique?

Before explaining the DHI (Direct Hair Transplantation) technique, let’s discuss about the time-honored elements that motive hair loss.

– Genetic factors: genetic elements are generally more common in males. It occurs when the father’s baldness genes are passed on to the next generation. It is a hair loss that particularly wishes treatment.

– Medicines: Some medicinal drugs used cause dysfunction in hair follicles. The name of hair loss due to the use of positive drugs is telogen effluvium kind hair loss. The active substances of capsules that reason this type of hair loss are beta-blockers, amphetamines, lithium, heparin, warfarin, and levodopa. With the discontinuation of the use of these drugs, the problem of hair loss may improve. However, the realization of this enchancment is now not certain.

– Breastfeeding: childbirth and breastfeeding are tiring for the woman body. For this reason, hormonal problems can affect hair follicles, and hair loss may also occur.

– Anemia, thyroid disorders, and psychological troubles are among the other important reasons of hair loss. Again, the drugs that are taken for the cure of these fitness problems may also cause hair loss.