Laser Cataract Surgery

What Is optical maser Cataract Surgery?
Laser cataract surgery is associate degree patient surgical operation, that means you’ll head home identical day. Steps within the procedure include

Incision: A time unit optical maser is employed to form associate degree incision within the eye with the help of intrinsical optical coherence pictorial representation (OCT) imaging, that produces a enlarged, high-resolution image of your eye. Cataract fragmentation: A time unit optical maser could also be accustomed “soften” the cataract by breaking it into tiny items before the employment of ultrasound vibration. this can be useful for dense cataracts to scale back the quantity of ultrasound vibration required.

Phacoemulsification: Ultrasound vibration is delivered at a high speed to dissolve the cataract into small fragments that area unit gently suctioned out of the attention.

Capsulotomy: A circular gap is made inside the capsule (that holds the lens) to permit access to the cataract. once this step is completed with the time unit optical maser it permits for a particular circular form, size, and centering over the cataract and precise placement of the new lens.2

Replacement: a replacement lens is inserted into the present capsule. Incision, cataract fragmentation, and capsulotomy area unit finished a optical maser device. Insertion of the new lens is completed manually.

Laser cataract surgery is performed by associate degree eye doctor (eye surgeon). Pain management is achieved with endovenous (IV, in an exceedingly vein) sedation or oral (by mouth) sedation and native anaesthesia.

An OTC-equipped optical maser is employed to form the cutting for optical maser cataract surgery, whereas atiny low blade is employed to form the incision within the eye for ancient cataract surgery.