Liposuction Turkey

Liposuction Turkey
Liposuction turkey, is a procedure that is performed to remove the fat under the skin of certain body regions by using special cannulas.

The fats removed in liposuction are those that remain between skin and muscle tissue. The demand for liposuction gradually increases in recent years as poor diet habits and sedentary lifestyle are becoming more common in the population.


What is vaser liposuction?
Vaser is an ultrasonic device. In liposuction, fats are liquefied with vaser application after the fluid injection. The ultrasound waves of vaser device that spread from the cannula affect the fat cells in liquid environment, damage them and turn them into liquid form.

These fats are aspirated and removed with power assisted liposuction (vibratory devices). The aim is to turn liposuction procedure from a mechanical procedure into a surgery in which liquefied fats can be removed easily. Therefore, a smooth liposuction outcome, close to weight loss, is tried to be achieved.