Teeth Whitening

What is optical maser Teeth Whitening?
Teeth lightening may be a easy, conservative thanks to improve the looks of a smile and cut back tooth discoloration. Whiter teeth will create one look younger and, as most of the people agree, additional enticing.

The options for teeth lightening nowadays area unit virtually endless, and one in all the additional fashionable choices is optical maser teeth lightening.

Laser teeth lightening may be a cosmetic optical maser medical specialty procedure that adds the employment of a optical maser to in-office teeth lightening.

The procedure is completed during a dental workplace. It involves inserting a targeted lightening gel on your teeth then employing a optical maser to heat it, that whitens your teeth quickly.

What Causes Tooth Discoloration? Tooth discoloration is either accidental or intrinsic. Extrinsic tooth discoloration affects the outer layer of teeth. sure foods and beverages like tea, soda, red wine, dark berries, and occasional cause this sort of discoloration. These stains is additional without delay removed with at-home lightening merchandise.

Intrinsic discoloration develops within the deeper layers of teeth. It is caused by sure diseases and medical treatments (like chemotherapy), genetics, trauma, medications, and aging. These stains area unit harder to get rid of and generally need skilled teeth lightening.